Peppermint Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Essential Oil

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Not only is peppermint oil one of the oldest European herbs used for health purposes, other historical accounts date its use to ancient Japanese and traditional Chinese herbalism.

It’s also valued for its cooling effects and helps to help relieve sore muscles when used topically.

With a high menthol content (approximately 50 to 60 percent), peppermint oil is a treasured oil with many benefits.

In fact, peppermint’s characteristic refreshingly cool-breeze mint quality is due to its content of menthol, the essential oil found in its fresh leaves and in its stem. Menthol, menthone and menthyl esters found in peppermint and peppermint oil are often used for overall health.

  • Diffuse for promoting a clear, refreshing experience when you breathe it in..
  • For a morning energizing, cooling experience, rub a drop of peppermint oil on your temples after you wake up.
  • For an invigorating sense, diffuse at home or work.
  • Add a drop to shampoo or conditioner for a stimulating hair massage.
  • Use a few drops with a spray bottle of water as a natural bug repellent
  • Spritz around windows and doors.
  • Diffuse during study time.
  • Use a drop topically for a cooling sensation.
  • Add to a cold-water compress or foot bath to cool off when overheated.
  • Inhale for a non-stimulant, invigorating pick-me-up during long drives.
  • Blend peppermint oil with lavender oil for a soothing massage blend
  • Place one drop in palm of hand with one drop of orange essential oil and one drop of frankincense oil and inhale for a midday pick-me-up.

Cautions: Possible skin irritant.  Avoid contact with eyes. 

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