Liz Sutter


Liz Sutter holds a Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy from Western Michigan University and in 2018 was trained in non-invasive Automated Muscular Therapy. Her passion for wellness led her to become a Certified Health Coach in 2013. Liz has an amazing wealth of knowledge and expertise regarding all things health! She provides highly customized coaching to help you meet your individual goals and empowers you begin your journey towards taking control of your health!

Personal Journey

Liz became passionate about pursuing a holistic lifestyle when her daughter became severely ill with gut issues and food allergies. Her desire to heal her daughter opened whole new worlds of understanding and incorporating alternative healing therapies.

She was able to successfully bring healing to her daughters issues and now with new lenses she has been able to help others open the door to their own healing using functional nutritional counseling and coaching to lead them to solutions that bring understanding and alternatives for resolution in their health concerns.

Liz through her own experiences has found great empathy for those who face physical and emotional challenges and is passionate about putting the tools in their hands for successfully overcoming medical and or emotional roadblocks.

As a holistic health professional, Liz is on the front lines of researching and implementing wellness protocols to bring about functional transformative and individual results. She continues her holistic education online thru the functional nutrition alliance.