FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

It depends solely on how the individuals body responds to the treatment, the type of pain they are experiencing, and the amount of time the problem has been present. All of this is a gauge for how long the treatment will take. Often times, if you’ve had muscle shortening for months or even decades it can take more than just one or two sessions to remove the waist build up and to return the muscle to its original length thus, treatment time will vary based on each individual.

While it is common for most first-timers to feel some discomfort, every person has a different pain tolerance level. Some patients even find the treatment to be relaxing. If pain or discomfort becomes too severe, the muscular probe has a variety of settings for applying pressure to accommodate the client’s pain tolerance.

The muscular probe lengthens muscles that are too short and that have caused misalignment - once the muscles start to lengthen after multiple treatments, pain or discomfort tends to gradually disappear as well.

Our approach to muscular therapy is very practical and takes the musculoskeletal system into account. Our muscles act as a system of cables that work hard to operate our bones. Pain is produced when one of these "cables" are shorter than the others, putting unnecessary stress on particular parts of the body. Our professional muscular therapists have been trained to analyze and identify exactly which muscles affect which bones, and where muscles may be shortened - this is partly why we require an initial consultation. We take a general physics/engineering approach to resolve pain practically.

Sciatica is generally defined as a series of painful symptoms caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerve; however, many people misdiagnose themselves with sciatica even though their pain does not run along the sciatic nerve. It is common to misconstrue pain in the legs, back, or glutes as sciatica because of the pain - but more often than not, this is not the case.

Shortened musculature is more commonly the issue that needs to be resolved. Automated Muscular Therapy brings the solution by lengthening the overworked, shortened muscles, by eliminating the true source of the pain rather than the symptoms only.

This technology has actually been around for over 20 years, in the private sector. Many athletic trainers have been using this technology on their professional sports teams in order to reduce and heal injuries. When this technology first was developed 20 years ago it was originally used on professional golfers as it increased their range of motion thus benefiting their swing. At Muscular Health and Wellness we have treated athletes of all ages from high school to college and beyond with great results!

Absolutely our muscular therapy is a great supplementation to recovery after surgery. Our treatments are non-invasive and focuses on soft myofascial tissues that are frequently ignored. We take factors such as tendons, ligaments, and shortened muscles into account. Taking the treatment post-surgery is beneficial for a faster recovery times.

Because our treatments are non-invasive and solely external with interchangeable amounts of pressure, robotic muscle therapy is beneficial for children as early as six, and then even into elder years. It can also be a supplementary treatment that goes hand-in-hand with other various types traditional therapies and medicines. It is a safe, effective, and non invasive option that should be considered.

If you are experiencing muscle pain of any kind, we genuinely suggest considering a treatment. The cost is relatively low when it comes to choosing a life of being pain-free! If you are experiencing muscle imbalance or misalignment, getting automated muscular therapy treatment can help reduce and even eliminate pain. It can enhance and improve sports performance and improve your quality of life! We have a plethora of testimonies from clients that have tried many other routes to getting out of pain with no success, after finding Muscular Health and Wellness they are now pain free and living their best lives!

Yes! Automated Muscular Therapy was initially founded on governmental grants and has been critically reviewed by the FDA. All technologies employed by Automated Muscular Therapy are protected by a patent, that ensures the most innovative and cutting edge muscular treatment in the public sector.

Honestly anyone who suffers from muscular pain, and those who would like to improve their exercise or sports performance. It has helped golfers, pro athletes; body builders; runners; cyclists; dancers; gymnasts; football/soccer/basketball/baseball players all improve their range of motion and flexibility.

We have been able to help a wide range of muscular pain diagnoses including: migraines; headaches; sciatica; postural problems; forward head; pain in the neck; whiplash; frozen shoulder; thoracic outlet syndrome; TMJ; asthma; shoulder pain; scoliosis; lordosis; kyphosis; tendinitis in the arms; tennis elbow; carpel tunnel; bursitis, plantar fasciitis; tingling or numbness in the hands; shin splints; quadricep pain; hamstring or calf pain; low back pain; piriformis syndrome; foot drop; Also we can work with tightened muscles that are tight with some neurological disorders as in Parkinson's; Muscular Dystrophy; Muscular sclerosis; Cerebral Palsy.