About Automated Muscular Therapy (AMT)

Automated Muscular Therapy applies systematic and controlled pressure to painful muscles that have been shortened, which produce pain in various parts of our bodies. During the process of AMT these muscles are able to return to their original state. This relieves pain and tension from our nerves, and furthermore brings alignment to our bone structure.

Why should I choose Automated Muscular Therapy?

Our primary focus at Muscular Health and Wellness is to treat muscle pain using our experience and technology instead of using injections, pharmaceuticals and or surgery. These invasive methods often mask pain symptoms, instead of resolving the root causes of pain. 

How can AMT help me improve my sports performance?

AMT has been used by professional athletes for the past 20 years.  Lengthening tight muscles in a non invasive manner allows many pro athletes to improve their range of motion and flexibility.  

Athletes AMT has helped include, golfers, body builders, runners, dancers, football players, swimmers, soccer players and much more!  


Customer Testimonial

My sciatica pain started in late July as an uncomfortableness  and evolved quickly to constant, intolerable pain. I reached a point where I could barely move from my bed to the couch and back again. I was in constant pain. I tried everything to get relief; stretches/exercises, massage therapy, supplements, multiple 5-day fasts and copious amounts of over the counter pain medications. Nothing even dulled the pain.

Over Labor Day weekend, a friend of mine tagged me in a post about exercises that were  supposed to help alleviate sciatica pain and, by the grace of God, a friend of theirs that I didn’t even know, suggested I look into Automated Muscular Therapy. I felt I had tried everything possible and didn’t want to get my hopes up, but I was willing to try anything to get relief and to be able to get my life back. I sent an email on Saturday of the holiday weekend, not expecting to hear back until the next business day. To my surprise, I got a response almost immediately and within a few hours, I had an appointment that week.

After my first session, I had discernible improvement. I was still in a great deal of pain, but for the first time since the pain started, I felt  improvement, even if it was subtle. I went home and daily did the exercises I was given as homework. Over the next three months I had 5 more sessions of AMT and slowly, but consistently continued to improve until my pain was completely gone! I cannot express how thankful I am to have found AMT. I refer everyone I know who is experiencing pain.

All who have tried it have been helped by this therapy, including my husband who suffered from plantar fasciitis and my daughter who experienced shin splints. If you are experiencing pain, I urge you, get more information and try Automated Muscular Therapy! It may be an answer to prayer for you like it was for me.

Kim Honnen


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