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Top 10 Tips On How To Deal With Migraines Naturally

Battling migraines can be exhausting, time consuming, and expensive! I encourage you to search out the root causes of your migraines so that you don’t have to keep dealing with these harsh symptoms! Sometimes the doctors don’t have the time or patience to help you uncover what is actually going on inside of your body, instead they reach for a pharmaceutical that will give you symptom relief. Of course, that is all well and good until the migraine comes back around and you have to keep going through this process over and over with no permanent resolution. Nutritional counseling can help you draw specific conclusions from your own individual physiology, and map how your body responds to the food you...

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Ten Tips for Managing Your Weight During the Holidays

The Holidays are here! They are going to be great this year- because you will know how manage your appetites! And of course that’s the first step, to speak out the positive and to believe that it is possible! After all, they say, that out of everyone around us, we believe what we say the most. So, Lets step into this journey of speaking with great expectation! As embarking on any journey like this, perfection IS NOT the goal, but progress is a great goal.  Even the fact that you are contemplating to maintain a healthy perspective on your intake of food is absolutely tremendous and the marker of continued success is to celebrate every victory, no matter how seemingly...

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